Damhave Systems

Damhave Systems


EMC/RF Measurements

Outsource your measurements to Damhave Systems.

I have most EMC/RF measurement instruments in-house.

EMC Troubleshooting

Outsource your EMC problems to Damhave Systems.

I have a lot of experience in EMC troubleshooting.


Outsource your simulations to Damhave Systems.

I have simulation software and 3D field-solvers in-house.

Design Reviews

Outsource design reviews to improve the quality of your designs. Outsourcing design reviews to Damhave Systems is an excellent way to improve the quality of your products.

I am proficient in hardware reviews firmware code inspection .

Embedded System Design

Outsource the hardware design of your embedded systems to Damhave Systems.

I have designed several embedded systems (both hardware and firmware).

PCB Layout

Outsource your PCB layouts to Damhave Systems.

I do PCB layout of analog, digital and RF circuits in Altium.

I have experience with advanced PCBs including HDI, wirebonding, nonmagnetic PCBs, RF/MW laminates and 3D STEP output generation of module based assemblies.