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Damhave Systems


Advanced Measurements

Outsource your VNA, Jitter, SI and other advanced measurements to Damhave Systems*

We have most high-end measurement instruments in-house (also a VNA) and we know our own equipment.

*) This service is available for end customers in R & D - It is currently not available for other development houses.

EMC Troubleshooting

Outsource your EMC problems to Damhave Systems, we are ready to help you.

We have a lot of experience in EMC troubleshooting.

Design Reviews

Outsource design reviews to improve the quality of your designs. Outsourcing design reviews to Damhave Systems is an excellent way to improve the quality of your products.

We are proficient in firmware code inspection and hardware reviews where we use checklists and simulations.

Microsemi FPGA Design

Outsource your Microsemi FPGA designs to Damhave Systems.

We have experience with several FPGA designs (both hardware and VHDL).


Outsource your simulations to Damhave Systems.

We have simulation software and a 3D field-solver in-house.

PCB Layout (Altium and Eagle)

Outsource your PCB layouts to Damhave Systems.

We manually layout low noise analog circuits, high speed digital circuits and RF /MW circuits. For non critical designs we use an advanced constraint based auto-router which enables us to deliver professional layouts at low cost. We have experience with advanced PCBs including HDI, nonmagnetic PCBs and special RF/MW laminates and 3D STEP output generation of module based assemblies.